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Tips for Starting A Food Blog with @YumSideOfLife

One of last week's #GoodVibes live guests was food blogger Roanna Delos Santos from @TheYumSideofLife! Roanna began her food blog our of a quest to find what makes her happy. In cultivating her passion, she also found purpose: connecting her audience with the small family-owned restaurants she loves to help support local business.

A little more about Roanna: She lives in North Dallas, and officially started blogging January of 2019. With the encouragement of her friends, she started sharing her foodie finds on a dedicated Instagram page. She initially had no idea what it meant to be a food blogger, yet through education and networking has grown her following and connections within the community within months.

Learn her tips for getting your next passion project up and running in her interview with Project Beauty Founder Jo in the video below!

Our Top 4 Takeaways:

  • When it comes to blogging, actually creating the content (writing, photography, videography, etc.) might require more know-how than you think! Don't be scared to jump in and learn as you go.

  • Once you've started to get the hand of your craft, consider what area or niche you want to focus on. What topics angles or topics will help make what you share unique to you?

  • Don't let what you admire about others in your community become something you compare yourself against. Embrace what makes you and your content unique, and run with it!

  • Your authenticity and point of view is the best thing you can offer your audience, so always stay true to yourself.

More about #GoodVibes Live:

Join Project Beauty LIVE on Instagram every Sunday for our #GoodVibes series! We're inviting female entrepreneurs to share their knowledge and passion on a wide variety of topics to help us invest in ourselves, lift our spirits, and build our confidence. So join us every Sunday as we cover a variety of topics, from makeup application, cooking, art, fitness and nutrition, wine tastings to business branding and strategies- we got you covered.

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