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Our Mission. 

Project Beauty is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.
Our mission is to spread empowerment through the universal language of beauty by helping women build confidence, hope and provide support and encouragement for each other.

By providing free beauty services to women and children in shelters and transition homes, we feel we can help them rebuild their self esteem by teaching self-love, which will in turn help them rebuild a better self image.


Through partnerships with local businesses, we are able to provide beauty and fashion/styling services to women and children who are going through difficult circumstances. We focus on individuals who have experienced different types of trauma, such as domestic violence, homelessness, and sex trafficking. These are individuals who may lack education, support and resources. It is Project Beauty’s biggest hope that we can help these women and children recognize their self-worth, know that they are cared for, loved, and that they are important and not invisible. 

Want to learn more about how your business can contribute to project beauty? Check out our sponsorship opportunities

Ready to jump in and get involved? Get in touch with us, and learn more about how you can become a volunteer. 

Thank you!

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