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Social Media Secrets for Brand Building

Last week, photographer and founder of The Social Company (@SoCoHQ) Bessy Martinez joined Project Beauty's #GoodVibes Live to share her tips on building your brand on social media.

Bessy built The Social Company based on her own journey with her first business, photography. With a keen eye for storytelling through imagery, along with her passion and motivation to help others, it has lead her to carve out a career serving her community. Whether it's help identifying their brand voice, creating content, or building effective social media strategy at local events, SoCo is there to lead on everything social.

Watch the replay of her live presentation below!

Short on time? Here are our four fave tips Bessy shared:

  1. Whether you are a company that sells goods and services, or an influencer, you have a brand. And every brand needs to understand their "why" in order to effectively build a connection with their audience.

  2. Once you understand why you do what you do, establish WHO your customer base is, and WHAT value you bring to them. Knowing these three things will lead you to success when building your brand on social media.

  3. When choosing your brand aesthetic, choose colors and icons that appeal to the audience you want, not just yourself. Just because it resonates with you, doesn't mean it will "click" with your ideal audience.

  4. Research color psychology when choosing your brand colors to understand how each color makes your audience feel. Your brand connects with people through emotion.

More about #GoodVibes Live:

Join Project Beauty LIVE on Instagram every Sunday for our #GoodVibes series! We're inviting female entrepreneurs to share their knowledge and passion on a wide variety of topics to help us invest in ourselves, lift our spirits, and build our confidence. So join us every Sunday as we cover a variety of topics, from makeup application, cooking, art, fitness and nutrition, wine tastings to business branding and strategies- we got you covered.

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