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Makeup Artist Secrets to A Perfect Complexion

One of last week's #GoodVibes live guests was Dallas-based makeup artist, Mac West! She shared fast, easy tips to getting a perfect complexion. Mac's favorite part of being a makeup artist is seeing that “Feel-Good Confidence” that radiates from clients when they look in the mirror after a makeup session. Confidence is a powerful thing!

Everyone has a different outlet when it comes to self care or to relieve stress and anxiety and, for Mac, putting on makeup does just that! Complexion is her favorite because she feels that with a flawless complexion you feel like you can conquer the world!

Watch Mac's complete tutorial in the video below:

Here are 4 quick takeaways to remember the next time you apply makeup:

  1. Prepping your skin with the right skin care is so important! It ensures your makeup lays evenly, doesn't cake up, and lasts until you're ready to take it off.

  2. Avoid applying foundation around your eyes. Save a little room for concealer that way you don't apply too much product.

  3. Be gentle with your skin! If you find yourself pulling or tugging with a brush, use a makeup sponge instead. The soft, rounded edges will help you "bounce" rather than pull.

  4. If you want to layer your foundation for more coverage, wait for the first layer to dry before going in with a second.

More about #GoodVibes Live:

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