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#GoodVibes Live: Acrylic Painting for Art Therapy

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Art therapy is something that Project Beauty offers with our Trauma Healing Program, and it’s something that can get the creative juices flowing while also providing a mental healing experience as well. As part of our #GoodVibes Live series, we invited Camille , from @idlikeoneartplease, to takeover our Instagram account for some live art therapy through her favorite medium: acrylic painting.

What is #GoodVibes Live?

Every Sunday on our Instagram page, Project Beauty will feature a female entrepreneur who is passionate and knowledgeable in their field of expertises. Our intention is to spread good vibes and empower our community. We want our community to focus on the good and to use this time to invest in ourselves. So, join us every Sunday evening as we cover a variety of topics. From makeup application, cooking, art, fitness and nutrition, wine tastings to business branding and strategies - we got you covered.

Now, onto the art therapy! We'll be saving our live sessions and uploading them to our YouTube channel, so you can catch them even after they've aired:

To support Camille, you can shop her Etsy site for gorgeous handmade acrylic art earrings. If you mention Project Beauty when you make a purchase, 20% will be donated to support our programs.

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