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5 Small Business Tips: Working ON Your Biz, Not IN It

In this week's #GoodVibes Live, we're excited to feature small business owner Tina Somsith from @ShopWanderWear!

Tina is a Dallas native who recently moved to Seattle. She's owned and sold two franchises, Painting With a Twist, and currently owns Shop Wander Wear and works remotely as a Product Manager for a company in Austin who sells e-learning courses. With a ton of experience in the corporate world, and as both a small business owner, she has a wealth of knowledge to share with fellow entrepreneurs.

Watch her interview with Project Beauty Founder and CEO in the video below!

Here are some of our favorite takeaways from our chat with Tina:

  • Stay true to your brand. Clutter and noise can distract from your brand. Know your brand, and stay consistent in order to serve your customers in the best way possible, and make your mission clear.

  • Build an adaptable business. As a business owner, you make the rules. Building a business that adapts to your lifestyle, and not the other way around, can keep your organization nimble when unexpected economic changes occur.

  • Know your WHY. Understanding your purpose behind your business will not only help ensure you stay true to your brand, but also understand which way you need to build your business to keep it adaptable.

  • Be the face of your brand. Don't be afraid to step into the spotlight to connect with your consumers and community in order to reassure them that there is a human behind your organization!

Join Project Beauty LIVE on Instagram every Sunday for our #GoodVibes series! We're inviting female entrepreneurs to share their knowledge and passion on a wide variety of topics to help us invest in ourselves, lift our spirits, and build our confidence. So join us every Sunday as we cover a variety of topics, from makeup application, cooking, art, fitness and nutrition, wine tastings to business branding and strategies- we got you covered.

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