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5 Easy Self-Confidence Tips

One of last week's #GoodVibes live guests was Dominique DeLaine, Business Support Lead in private banking, model, natural hair and style expert, and Board Member of Lean In Dallas! Throughout her career, Dominique has exemplified personal commitment to the community, creating unity and infusing empowerment among women.

In an interview with Project Beauty's founder Jo, she discusses 5 tips for gaining self confidence, and claiming your crown. You won't believe how easy they are, and what a world of difference they make!

Here are Dominique's 5 easy tips summed up below:

  1. It's important to know yourself and be aware.

  2. Create a strong support system.

  3. Lead with love.

  4. Set standards for your self respect

  5. Whatever God brings you to, he can bring you through.

Watch the complete interview in the video above to learn how Dominique and Jo incorporate these tips into their own lives, and how you can start living by them to gain confidence.

More about #GoodVibes Live:

Join Project Beauty LIVE on Instagram every Sunday for our #GoodVibes series! We're inviting female entrepreneurs to share their knowledge and passion on a wide variety of topics to help us invest in ourselves, lift our spirits, and build our confidence. So join us every Sunday as we cover a variety of topics, from makeup application, cooking, art, fitness and nutrition, wine tastings to business branding and strategies- we got you covered.

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