Failing Up: A FREE Strategy for Re-Imagining Your Biz

Shampaigne Graves recently joined Project Beauty Founder Jo Lam for a #GoodVibes live event to discuss how she helps millennial women start and stay in business through a strategy that will totally transform your business for FREE!

With $20 and no formal business education, Shampaigne was bound to fail. And you know what? SHE DID! So much so that she became obsessed with learning from those failures and making a career out of teaching women how not to do the same. 

If you've ever poured your heart and soul into a project only to end up falling flat, or had a bright idea, started to map out a launch plan then chickened out, or sunk thousands into a project that never panned out, You NEED to tune into this conversation!

Be sure you watch with a pen and paper because Shampaigne is sharing a TON of information! But, in case you need some quick notes, these are the keys to taking the products you already have, and making them work harder for your business (all without spending a dime!)

  • Revalue: Research which products are providing value for your audience, and which are generating revenue for your business.

  • Repurpose: Take the content that works, and repurpose it to better serve its intended audience.

  • Rebrand: Update the product packaging to align with how its been repurposed.

  • Re-introduce: Generate audience interest by creating an authority through content marketing, like e-books, webinars, etc.

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More about #GoodVibes Live:

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